2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com
2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com
2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com
2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com
2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com2017 DEERE 85G at www.martinequipment.com

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Neither too big nor too small, the 85G Excavator is the perfect solution for a wide variety of tasks. The reduced-tail-swing configuration enables it to maneuver nimbly and work efficiently in and around congested jobsites. What’s more, the 85G comes equipped with the extra advantage of an independent swing boom that lets it work even closer to curbs, around structures, or in the midst of traffic. Inside its spacious comfortable cab, easy-to-navigate enhanced LCD monitors let operators easily dial-in a wealth of machine info and functionality.

And the durable EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV diesel meets rigid emission regulations, so you can put it to work, everywhere there’s work, including nonattainment areas.

Key Features:
- Meets EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV engine standards.
- Reduced tail swing.
- Independent swing boom.
- Easy-to-navigate enhanced LCD monitor.

- The EPA FT4/EU Stage IV technology in our excavators is simple, fuel efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported.
- It employs field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for reducing NOX, and a diesel particulate filter and diesel oxidation catalyst to reduce particulate matter.
- Viscous fan continuously adjusts speed as necessary for effective cooling. Helps reduce noise and fuel consumption, too.

- Engine performance and hydraulic flow are perfectly balanced for predictable operation. Two productivity modes allow you to choose the digging style that fits the job. Power delivers a balance of speed and fuel economy for normal operation. Economy reduces top speed and helps save fuel.
- Wear-resistant hoses are routed, secured, and guarded for long-term durability. Cordura® covering and wire wrapping adds an extra degree of protection to exposed hoses. O-ring face-seal couplers virtually eliminate leaks.
- Want to add a hammer or other attachment? High-pressure, high-flow auxiliary hydraulic packages meet the need.

Cab Comfort:
- Wide expanse of front and side glass, narrow front cab posts, large tinted overhead hatch, and numerous mirrors provide virtually unrestricted all-around visibility.
- With wide entryways and large self-cleaning steps, getting in and out of our excavators has never been easier.
- Spacious cab is comfortable and noticeably quiet. Silicone-filled mounts effectively isolate noise and vibration. Cab includes a cup holder and storage compartment with nearby power port for a cell phone.
- We’ve got your back with sculpted mechanical-suspension multi-position mid- and high-back seats.
- Automatic, high-velocity bi-level climate-control system with automotive-style adjust-able louvers helps keep the glass clear and the cab comfortable.

Ease of Control:
- Ergonomically correct short-throw joysticks provide smooth, predictable fingertip control with less movement or effort.
- Two-speed propel with Autoshift helps speed machine moves and maximize maneuverability.
- Lockable control-pattern selector valve enables you to switch from backhoe- to SAE-style controls with just a twist of your wrist.

Ease of Service:
- Large hinged doors provide wide-open access to service items. Lube banks, filters, and checkpoints are grouped for added convenience.
- Left rear compartment houses the battery, engine air filter, fresh-air cab filter, and side-by-side coolers.
- Sight gauges and see-through reservoirs allow hydraulic, coolant, and window-washer fluid-level checks at a glance.
- Vertical spin-on fuel filter and water separator are conveniently located in the right rear compartment for quick and convenient ground-level service access.

Structures and Undercarriage:
- The 85G’s 360-deg. rotation and independent-swing boom let you get in tight and even dig parallel to structures.
- Box-section track frames, thick-plate single-sheet mainframe, and large swing bearing deliver rock-solid durability.
- The standard blade enables this excavator to fill-in quite capably. Works well for increasing agility and stability on slopes, too.
- Large idlers, rollers, and strutted links in the sealed and lubricated undercarriage deliver long and reliable performance.
- Standard heavy-duty rubber track pads provide the long-term durability of a steel undercarriage, yet are easy on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.


Emission Rating
 Tier 4  
Engine Manufacturer
Number Of Cylinders (Per Engine)
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)
 3.3 (202)  
Rated speed, rpm
Engine Output - Net, kW (hp)
 42.4 (56.9)  
Number Of Carrier Rollers - Each Side
Number Of Track Rollers - Each Side
Track Shoe Width, mm (inches)
 450 (18)  


Transport Length Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)
 6820 (22 ft 5 in)  
Transport Height - Maximum, mm (ft/in)
 2610 (8 ft 7 in)  
Overall Width, mm (ft/in)
 2200 (7 ft 3 in)  
Track Length On Ground, mm (ft/in)
 2290 (7 ft 6 in)  
Undercarriage Overall Length, mm (ft/in)
 2920 (9 ft 7 in)  
Tailswing Radius, mm (ft/in)
 1490 (4 ft 11 in)  
Ground Clearance, mm (inches)
 360 (14)  
Dozer Blade Height, mm (inches)
 460 (18)  
Dozer Blade Width, mm (ft/in)
 2200 (7 ft 3 in)  
Width over standard tracks, mm (ft/in)
 2200 (7 ft 3 in)  
Track Gauge, mm (ft/in)
 1750 (5 ft 9 in)  
Digging Reach - Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)
 7700 (25 ft 3 in)  
Ground Level Reach - Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)
 7550 (24 ft 9 in)  
Dig Height - Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)
 7140 (23 ft 5 in)  
Dump Height - Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)
 5080 (16 ft 8 in)  
Dig depth - 2.44m / 8ft flat bottom, mm (ft/in)
 4200 (13 ft 9 in)  
Dig Depth - Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)
 4510 (14 ft 10 in)  
Standard Dipper, mm (ft/in)
 2120 (6 ft 11 in)  


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US))
 120 (31.7)  
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US))
 56 (15)  
Number Of Batteries
Voltage, V


Ground Bearing Pressure, kPa (PSI)
 41.5 (6)  
Slew Speed, rpm
Slew Torque, kNm (lbf / ft)
 16.6 (12244)  
Travel Speed - High, kph (mph)
 5 (3.1)  
Tractive Force, kN (lbf)
 65.2 (14661)  
Dipper Tearout, kN (lbf)
 30.7 (6902)  
Bucket Breakout, kN (lbf)
 46.6 (10476)  
Gradeability, %
Main Pumps - Maximum Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min)
 144 (38)  
Bucket Pressure, bar (PSI)
 260 (3771)  


Operating Weight, kg (lbs)
 8729 (19244)  

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