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Built on the highly reliable platform of their predecessors, these models are loaded with even more customer-inspired productivity- and uptime-increasing features. John Deere PowerTech™ EPT Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesels provide generous displacement, power, and lugging ability. Daily checks and maintenance access are even easier. And all new K-Series-II Loaders come with a standard five-speed transmission, a new adaptive clutch cutoff, and new axles with brake retractors that will improve productivity while providing up to 10-percent fuel savings compared to previous K-Series models.

Key Features:
- Final Tier 4 emission-certified engine
- Embedded payload scale
- Powerllel™ lift

- Auto-idle applies the brakes and automatically reduces engine speed to help conserve fuel after an operator-determined period of inactivity. Auto shutdown turns off the engine after extended idleness.
- Standard starter protection limits cranking time and requires cool-down periods between attempts.
- Hydraulically driven fan runs only as needed for efficient cooling. Helps conserve fuel.
- Electrical-distribution center employs highly reliable circuit-board technology and solid-state switches that eliminate numerous wiring harnesses, fuses, relays, and connectors.
- Sealed gold-pin electrical connectors resist corrosion, for superior long-term integrity.

Cab Comfort:
- Adjustable automotive-style louvers provide effective airflow to keep the glass clear and the pressurized cab comfortable.
- Available premium heated air-ride armchair seat adjusts multiple ways for extra comfort and cushioning.
- Multi-language LCD monitor provides push-button access to a wealth of machine data and functions.
- Cooler compartment and beverage holder make it handy to stow your lunch.
- Optional rearview camera and radar object-detection system or rearview camera only displays the activity behind the machine on the LCD screen. Emits an audible alert for extra awareness in tight quarters and high-traffic areas.
- Backlit touchpad in the SSM controls keyless start and 24 other machine functions.

- Boom-height kick-out and return-to-carry functions help speed production in repetitive loading applications. Touchpad has two presets for added convenience when frequent attachment change-over is required.
- Engine/hydraulic match maintains good boom and bucket power into and out of the pile. For big loads, even in wet or packed materials.
- Responsive steering and full 80-degree articulation increase maneuverability in tight quarters, for faster cycle times and fewer three-point turns.
- Optional wheel-spin control improves traction in troublesome material or underfoot conditions.

- Vertical spin-on filters allow quick, no-spill changes. 500-, 2,000-, and 4,000-hour engine, transmission, and hydraulic oil-change intervals help reduce operating costs.
- Color-coded fluid-sample and diagnostic test ports help speed preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.
- Conveniently located, easy-to-read sight gauges and see-through reservoirs let you check transmission, hydraulic, coolant, and windshield waster fluid levels at a glance.
- Lockable master electrical-disconnect switch, cab circuit breaker, and remote-start terminals are enclosed beneath the right-side step, for ground-level convenience.


Engine Manufacturer
John Deere PowerTech™
Engine Model
PVS 6068
Emission Rating
EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)
6.8 L (414 cu. in.)


Height - Over Cab, mm (ft/in)
3.24 m (10 ft. 8 in.)
Wheelbase, mm (ft/in)
1.45 m (4 ft. 9 in.)
Ground clearance, mm (inches)
0.40 m (15.7 in.)