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In the forest, Uptime is the name of the game. And the 948L Grapple Skidder is not interested in playing nice. Its beefier roller-bearing articulation joint provided longer life. The standard Outboard-Extreme axles are the biggest, most rugged axle in the woods. Add in a durable drivetrain, tougher grapples, and a simplified electrical system, and you have a machine that is all business.

• Features a high-performance EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV 6.8L PowerTech™ PSS diesel engine.
• The easy-to-use CVT transmission combines the smoothness and operating ease of a hydrostatic transmission with the fuel efficiency of a lockup torque converter.
• L-Series Skidders deliver more horsepower, stability, and grapple options — for the serious performance you need to stay on top of your game.
• The cab is 25-percent roomier and 50-percent quieter.
• John Deere forestry technology solutions are there to help you, Ultimate Uptime, ForestSight™, and optional TimberNavi™.
• Quick and easy serviceability.

• Our FT4/Stage IV diesel engines meet emission regulations without sacrificing power or torque. We built on our EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/EU Stage IIIB solution to deliver the best combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability. These technologies are simple and fluid efficient.
• During normal operating conditions, the engine's natural heat breaks down trapped particulate matter and cleans the exhaust filter without impacting machine operation. Ash-service intervals for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) are condition based, meaning the machine will notify the operator before service is required. Typically, ash service is not necessary until the first engine overhaul. Machine application, regular maintenance practices, and type of lubricating oil impact ash-service intervals.
• John Deere FT4 engines maintain engine performance while minimizing total fluid consumption — diesel fuel plus diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The exceptionally low DEF consumption rate reduces the need for DEF by four to six times compared to some other FT4 systems.

• New larger grapples give you more flexibility to configure a skidder to best match your application. The new arch design provides a better view to bunches for more efficient loading.
• L-Series machines combine best-in-class horsepower and an impressive power-to-weight ratio with a constant engine speed — for superb responsiveness and maximum efficiency. Better machine balance optimizes pulling power, while improving stability when climbing hills, navigating adverse terrain, or hauling bigger payloads.
• Engage all four tires, or just the front two or rear two as needed, to maneuver through tough terrain or out of tight spots.
• Electrohydraulic (EH) controls deliver one-of-a-kind operating ease and smooth control for faster combined-function cycle times.

• The cab is 25-percent roomier and 50-percent quieter. Other fatigue-beating creature comforts include a more efficient HVAC system, improved ergonomic controls, and plenty of storage space.
• Opt for a rotating high-backed seat with joystick steering. The rotating seat improves rearward visibility to the grapple and minimizes neck turn.
• Six high-intensity halogen lights are standard when you need to extend your workday beyond daylight. For additional illumination, opt for a working-light or LED package.
• Multiple operators can adjust control settings to their individual preferences and save favorite configurations, reducing reprogramming time and helping keep operators productive and on the job.
• Armrest-mounted electrohydraulic (EH) controls provide fingertip control of all machine functions and turn with you when you use the optional rotating seat. Optional joystick steering is smooth and responsive, providing intuitive, low-effort control of steering, direction, and ground speed.

• New grapple design features box-style tongs for maximum strength and harder wear surfaces for long life. Components are easier to access, simplifying service.
• Straight bushings at all grapple, arch, boom, and blade joints deliver longer, trouble-free life and are easier to replace. Grease-thru pins ensure even lubrication and are more resistant to dust, rust, and debris.
• All L-Series models feature more robust heavy-duty axles. New pressurized continuous-lube system and independent axle filters further improve durability and extend life — up to 15,000 hours. Axle oil-pressure monitoring alerts the operator if a leak occurs.
• Our rugged new Outboard-Extreme™ optional axles are the biggest, most rugged axle in the woods and set a new standard for reliability.
• The beefier roller-bearing articulation joint has been updated for longer life.
Boom-arch hoses have been rerouted inside the arch where they are better protected and easier to access for fast repair.


Standard Arch Function


Engine Manufacturer
John Deere
Engine Model
PowerTech PSS 9.0L
Emission Rating
Tier 4
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)
9 (548)
Engine Output, kW (hp)
210 (281)
Engine Torque, Nm (lbf / ft)
1276 (941)
Continuous Variable Transmission
Front Axle
Outboard planetary
Rear Axle
Outboard planetary
Service Brake Type
Wet disc


Overall Length, mm (inches)
8469 (333.4)
Height Over Cab, mm (inches)
3454 (136)
Overall Width, mm (inches)
3575 (140.7)
Wheelbase, mm (inches)
3975 (156.5)
Dozer Blade Height, mm (inches)
691 (27.2)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches)
542 (21.3)
Dozer Blade Width, mm (inches)
2962.4 (116.6)
Dozer Blade - Dig Depth, mm (inches)
298 (11.7)
Tong Opening At Tips, mm (inches)
3851 (151.6)
Steering Articulation Angle, ± °


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US))
391.8 (103.5)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US))
123.6 (32.6)
Alternator Output, Amp


Travel Speed, kph (mph)
25 (15.53)
Oscillation Point
Front Axle
Oscillation Angle, ± °
Rated Line Pull, kN (lbf)
221 (49696)
Rated Line Speed, m/min (ft/min)
20.1 (66)
System Voltage, V
Axial Piston


Operating Weight, kg (lbs)
22416 (49420)