10% Off Cutting Edges


Now through May 31, 2022. Save 10% on cutting edges both in-store and on the Martin Equipment Customer Portal using promo code EDGES22.


Deere Dura-Max cutting edges provide OEM quality and durability, with a lifetime breakage warranty to back them up. Dura-Max edges can be used across a variety of construction machines. Properly managing your machine’s cutting edgesystem helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment.

The Deere Difference:

  • Manufactured with a thru-hardened 14B30 boron steel, which is significantly harder than a standard carbon edge
  • John Deere offers OEM replacement parts which are the highest quality parts offered
  • Lifetime warranty against breakage. Should it break during use before it wears out, a new edge will be furnished free of charge