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About Our Program

Those accepted into our sponsorship program must complete a three-month internship at Martin Equipment. Students must also finish two years of training through a community college or an accredited John Deere tech program. Along the way, our sponsored students have access to big-time benefits:

Tuition-Assistance Program

You don't have to foot the entire bill. Martin Equipment will reimburse sponsored students up to $12,000 in tuition for two years of schooling in exchange for two years of full-time employment after graduation.


Learn and earn at the same time! During your internship with Martin Equipment, sponsored students will earn a competitive rate while gaining valuable workplace experience.

Tool-Assistance Program

Sponsored students also receive a $5,000 tool allowance as well as complimentary apparel and the safety gear needed for your internship at Martin Equipment.

Full-Time Employment

Once you've successfully completed your technician training and internship, sponsored students will begin a full-time job at Martin Equipment, where you'll receive strong starting pay and immediate benefit eligibility.

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Technician Sponsorship Interest Form

    A Pathway that pays off

    Through our Technician Sponsorship Program, Martin Equipment provides sponsored students with some big-time benefits. Here’s what you can expect:


    On-the-job experience with a paid internship


    Up to $12,000 in tuition reimbursement

    Full-Time Job

    Strong starting pay and immediate benefit eligibility after training


    Tool Allowance